Club History

The Ile Perrot Yacht Club was formed in 1966 when the Canadair Yacht Club, located on the premises of the present Beaconsfield Yacht club from 1956 to 1966, was forced to move.  The founder members searched and found the present premises with a good harbour and un-winterized cottage.  At that time the only boats were sailing dinghies, which filled the present dinghy park and catamarans, which were located on a beach where “C” dock’s seawall is now built; the Canadair Yacht Club still maintained some boats for the exclusive use of their members.  IPYC had the largest fleet of Flying Junior dinghies on the lake;  the FJ World Championship was held on Lake St. Louis in 1967.  The breakwater and haulout wall did not exist.

Financially, a separate entity, the Ile Perrot Sailing Club was registered in 1966 and held the mortgage on the property, with shares held by the members and administered by a separate IPSC committee.  It bought extra land around the harbour, up to the present breakwater, in 1970.  This mortgage was paid off in 1987 and the IPSC was wound up, the shares being reimbursed to the members.

The clubhouse was too small to accommodate washrooms and showers.  The “small garage” housed these and changing facilities, with a septic tank for drainage.  This was becoming a big problem in the mid ’70s but luckily ND de l’Ile Perrot added sewers down the length of Perrot Blvd just in time.  The larger garage was added in the late ’70s.

The breakwater was built in 1978 using rocks removed from house foundations by a local builder.  Since then the outer 20 to 30 ft has disappeared but the rest is holding up well.   The haulout wall was built in 1977 and the sheerleg / “C” dock wall was completed in 1980.  Following that, several dredgings of the harbour were carried out, the biggest one in 1991, which left the whole of the east parking/boat storage area 3 to 4 feet deep in mud.  Most of the dredged material was trucked away to a nearby landfill but some was used to raise the land in low spots.  In about 1983, the city expropriated part of the land for their new water filtration plant, cutting down many trees in the process and re-routing the access road to docks C-F.

In the late ’80s the clubhouse was extended, with the kitchen and bar rebuilt and much needed indoor washrooms provided.  By 2004, however, the original clubhouse building’s structure was shaky and the concrete block foundations were caving in.  A new mortgage was taken and a new clubhouse built on the space occupied by the original, with a building extension at the front, facing the harbour, on the space occupied by foundations for the previous sun deck.  Since the building is on a flood plane, it was illegal to build bigger than the original footprint.  The mortgage for this work was paid off in 2016.

Commodores of the club

Taken at an occasion in 2004. Left to right:  rear: Frank Barth, Fred Renshaw, Claude Hamel, Guy Legault.  Front: Helmut Greger, Ross Cullen (commodore at that time), Svend Korno.  Click to enlarge.

25th Anniversary

Club’s 25th anniversary, held in 1991.  Past commodores (Diane Rainault was commodore at this time) line up for the cake cutting. 

Left to right: David Frater, Mark Marshall, Jess Grondin, Pamela Jeffries (cutting cake, standing in for Morris Jeffries), Diane Rainault, Ken Murphy, Donna Scott, Fred Renshaw.

Archive photographs

These pictures are some of those hung on the wall in the original clubhouse.  Unfortunately, many pictures from the early days were regarded as expendable and thrown out.  If anyone has pictures from many years ago, please let us scan them for inclusion in our archives.