Art De Vries Memorial Cup

We continue with a tradition dating back more than 40 years with a sailing event that now also honors our lost friend Art de Vries and the contribution to sailing and our club.

The Art de Vries 2019 Memorial Cup will take place on Sunday, September 1st. Each participating skipper / sailboat will be allocated a starting time by the first boats from approximately 13:00. (1 MP) and the last boats departing about 60 minutes later. There will be a meeting at 11:45 am the morning of the race.

A list of boats / skippers will be posted on the CNIP bulletin board on the weekend of August 24th. Members are requested to check the list to ensure they are registered and indicate their intention to participate. The start list the assigned time will be displayed at a later date.

The race will be followed by a gathering, all are invited to participate.

Art de Vries