The Races

Races 2024

Weekly Series - 2024

BDYC races will take place every Tuesday and Thursday evening.

  • Series 1 Spring Tuesdays: 6.45pm from May 14 to July 2
  • Series 2 Spring Thursdays: 6.45pm from May 16 to July 4
  • Series 3 Summer Tuesdays: 6.45pm from July 9 to August 25
  • Series 4 Summer Thursdays: 18h45 from July 11 to August 27
  • Series 5 Autumn Thursdays: 6.00 pm from September 5 to 26

Evening runs use BDYC running instructions (PDF)

Special Races 2024

IPYC members are invited to participate in one special race per month:

  • Sunday June 9: Introduction to regatta at 9:00 and Regular race from 13:00 to 15:00 with staggered starts for non-racers
  • Sunday June 23: Treasure hunt race / family (> 16 years old on boat compulsory)
  • Saturday July 13: Ishkoodah Cup registration form
  • Sunday August 11: Special "solo" race from 13:00 to 15:00
  • Sunday September 1: Art DeVries Memorial Cup
  • Sunday September 22: Regatta day: 3 races in 1 day
  • Monday October 14: Turkey Shoot

Download CNIP sailing instructions (PDF)

Regarding the regular weekend races, which will take place every weekend when there is no special race, the Race Committee will confirm the schedule shortly.




Race Committee Duty

Experienced racers must volunteer for the duty of the race committee.

The race official is responsible for organizing the race, to identify a second assistant and the use of the boat committee. After the race the member in charge will be able to compile the results using the computer of the club with the software "Sailwave" or to transmit the results to the Vice-Commodore.

In the event that the designated member is not available, he will have to find a replacement and advise the vice commodore of the change before the day of the race, otherwise the race will be canceled for that day. The list of assignments is displayed on the bulletin board.

Race Committee Instructions

  • Download in PDF format
  • Download in DOCX format

An excellent website for learning the rules!

Anyone who wants to know more about racing rules and their application in different scenarios should check this: read the rules.

It is available in several languages and is an excellent training tool!