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IPYC has lots of space for dry storage of dinghies and limited space in the harbour for boats of up to 30 ft. length.

In order to own and sail a boat from the club, you must join as a Senior Member; this entitles you and your spouse to all club privileges.

Alternatively, you can join as an Associate Member, which allows the individual, only, to sail as a crew on another member's boat (but not to store one at the club or sail it), have a bar account and attend the social activities with spouse or guest.

With your membership form you need to return the proof of insurance form :

Note that IPYC is a participating club. This means that you are expected to participate in the work that needs to be done in order to meet the club's objectives.

Fee Schedule

Description Coût Notes
Senior Member – Initial Fee $ 800 $ 200 per year x 4 years
Senior Member – Annual Fee $ 452 Aged 25 to 65, spouse/partner & children included
Senior Member – 10+ consecutives years before age 65 $ 226 Must submit request to committee
Associate Member $ 151 Social Activites or Crew, non-boat owning
Junior Member FREE Up to 25 years old
Clubhouse Renewal Surcharge - Senior Member or 65+ $ 100 Applies until mortgage is paid
Clubhouse Renewal Surcharge - Associate Member $ 50 Applies until mortgage is paid
Launching or Haul Out (with Bull Moose) $ 85 on scheduled date If off-schedule, additional $ 85
Launching or Haul Out (with big rental crane) $120 on scheduled date If off-schedule, at your expense
Mooring Fee $ 1,40 per sq.ft., $ 150 min. sq.ft. = LOA x Beam
Winter Storage $ 0,70 per sq.ft., $ 75 min. sq.ft. = LOA x Beam
Summer Storage $ 0,70 per sq.ft., $ 75 min. sq.ft. = LOA x Beam
Dry sail, Dinghy, Catamaran $ 64 (summer) $ 32 in winter
Pumpout service FREE Self-service
Sheerlegs, mast raising, etc. FREE Self-service

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