Proposed amendments to the Club’s Bylaws (following information sessions)

Dear members,

Here is a new version of the proposed changes to the Club Bylaws. This version contains some additional changes and corrections, in response to the main comments received.

The following list is a summary of the main changes from the version originally submitted. You will also find attached a version showing the tracked changes compared to the previous version.

Summary of changes versus the version sent on September 28:

  • Article 4.1: Replacement of the term “classes” by “categories”, for the sake of consistency with Article 3.
  • Article 6.1: Clarification of the provisions surrounding the possible suspension and removal of a member for long-term storage of his boat.
  • Article 8.3: Addition to prevent two spouses from simultaneously sitting on the Board and modification to avoid redundancy with Article 9.1 concerning the maximum term of office of the Commodore.
  • Article 8.19: Modification of the text to avoid any redundancy with Article 4.1.
  • Article 9.3: Addition of the responsibility of the grounds to the Rear-Commodore.
  • Article 10.8: Addition to ensure that all members of the Board are informed and consulted for any resolution adopted outside a regular meeting.
  • Articles 2.2, 3.10 and 5.5: These articles had inadvertently been removed from the document and were therefore added.
To help you in your reading of the proposed changes, we are also sharing with you the presentation file used during the information sessions, as well as a working document used by the executive committee in the analysis of all these changes. Please note that these are working documents, and therefore have not been extensively reviewed. We thank you for your understanding in this regard.Finally, and still in response to the comments received, the special general meeting originally scheduled by videoconference will be held in person on October 30th, which is the same day as the work party day for harbour and club closing.

An official notice of meeting will be sent to you shortly.

Best regards,

From the members of the Executive Committee

Proposed Club Bylaws

Proposed Club Bylaws (with track changes)

Presentation File

Working Document

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