Calling all members

Calling all members of the IPYC

Dear members, Last December, a new Board of Directors was elected.  It is made up of ten volunteer members.  We can rejoice in the fact that we filled all the positions this year.  Many of them remained vacant over the recent years due to a lack of interest or availability on the part of club members.   Those of you who have served on the Board of Directors (BD) at one time or another will tell you that the responsibilities can become too demanding when they end up having to carry out most of the tasks associated with their administrative responsibilities on their own.   To remedy this situation, the new Board has passed a resolution to create ten new operational committees to support Board members in the planning, organization and execution of club tasks.  There are several advantages to setting implementing such committees starting with encouraging members who wish to get involved but do not wish to commit to a position on the BD. It also allows us to put the experience and skills of our members to work for the benefit of the yacht club, with a view to improving the way we do things, controlling our operating costs and preparing the next generation of directors. Best of all, it will help us better respect the spirit in which our club was founded, that of a club with a cooperative vocation. It is with this in mind that we are appealing to all of you, as it is critical that all members become involved in various ways in the management of our club and in carrying out the tasks required to maintain the high quality of our facilities and services. We have all adhered to these concepts and agreed to abide by the club’s rules and regulations by becoming members of the IPYC.  Today, we want to structure and facilitate everyone’s involvement through these operational committees to better orchestrate all the tasks inherent in managing our day-to-day operations and activities throughout the year, related to the harbour, the races, the grounds, the clubhouse, equipment, social activities, memberships, finance and communications. Please complete and return the questionnaire to the following address  in order to communicate your interest in contributing to one or more of the committees, specifying their level of experience or the skills they wish to offer, and his or her degree of availability (time). Hard copies will also be available at the club, which you can return to a member of the executive.  It is with this information on hand that the directors will be able to create their operational committees to better plan and share the workload associated with each of the business sectors at the beginning of the year. The appendix attached to this email provides a brief description of the roles and responsibilities and the name of the Board member responsible for each operational committee. Thanking you in advance for your valuable cooperation and participation in this process. We look forward to collaborating with everyone in the months to come.  Your Board of Directors  APPENDIX  

Operational Committees Roles and Responsabilities
Races (Émilie Savard)
  • Review established race rules, compile results, coordinate posting of final results and plan trophy presentations.
  • Coordinate volunteers to handle the operational side of each regular race, including checking weather, confirming start and course, managing the use of the committee boat or Robot-Bob, and communicating results.
  • Act as point of contact with Baie d’Urfe for weekday races.
  • See to the organization and promotion of special races such as the Art-De-Vries, a “race for non-racers” and other events promoting sailing and regattas.
  • Set up, maintain and store race buoys.
Grounds (Michel Deschênes )
  • Help find and motivate members for seasonal                maintenance work during the off-season.
  • Help plan long-term landscaping and sustainable development of the grounds.
  • Help in the evaluation and execution of work required on the utilities buildings.
  • Help maintain landscaping tools.
  • Help in the preparation work prior to chores.
Harbor (Robert Legault) 
  • Ensure the organization and smooth running of the harbor.
  • Maintain all harbor equipment (docks, ramps, buoys, chains, etc.).
  • Plan the allocation of space for sailboats in the harbor and on-site.
  • Plan and organize the launching and haul-out of sailboats.
  • Keep port-related files up to date.
  • Manage the harbor budget.
Clubhouse (Yves Gaudreault)
  • See to the interior and exterior regular maintenance of the clubhouse (cleaning, painting, caulking, etc.).
  • Ensure the good functioning of all appliances and see to their maintenance or repair as needed.
  • Plan for and see to the execution of any repairs or renovations required for the proper functioning of the building.
Membership (Rudy Huber)
  • Participate in the new member interview and evaluation process.
  • Play an active role in the integration and support of new members.
  • Collect member data and request notices of intent.
  • Ensure members are familiar with and comply with applicable rules, policies and regulations.
  • Validate and communicate membership dues based on member intentions.
Social (Lorraine Brisson) 
  • Help plan and organize the social activities of the club (themed lunches, dances, dinners and shows, etc.).
  • Help in the purchasing of products and preparation of food as required.
  • Set up and dismantle the hall (inside and out) for events.
Information Technology  (Josh Farmer)
  • Communication strategy, plan and process
  • Help assess and maintain website (support, costs, publications, access, information, etc.).
  • Ensure the maintenance of IT tools.
Communication (Marc Deschênes)
  • Plan and manage the recurring communications calendar.
  • Help write, translate and correct communications to members.
  • Receive and communicate requests for information to Board members.
  • Define modes of communication, including website, bulletin board, posters.
  • Maintain reciprocal agreements with other sailing clubs.
Finance (Jean-Claude Morin)
  • Prepare the annual budget and monitor income statements.
  • Contribute to the receipt and payment process of :
    • Invoices
    • Payroll
    • Member invoicing and receivables
  • See to the preparation and transmission of documents required by government agencies.
  Équipements (Yvon Tessier)
  • See to the maintenance of the crane in compliance with the CNSST requirements.
  • See to the maintenance of the lifting equipment ( barge, lifting jb)
  • See to the maintenance of the crash ,committee boat and Robobob,
  • See to the maintenance of the motorized equipment used for the grounds (mower, tractor, trimmer),