Confirmation of Boats Launch Schedule

To all members,


Boats Launch Dates

We remind you, as announced on May 25th, that regular size boats will be launched this Saturday, June 22th and Sunday, June 23rd, and next Friday, June 28th for large boats (requiring the big crane).

Please check your launch date on the billboard at the clubhouse, or by clicking the button below.

Note that it is important that all members be present on their launch day, and this from the beginning to the end of the day.


Update On Crane’s Situation (Bull Moose)

We are still waiting for the complete estimate of repairs. When we will have all the information and know all possible options, we will share them with you, and we will convene a general meeting if necessary to discuss it.


Preventing Future Flooding

Like you, we do not appreciate the impact of flooding on our operations and our sailing season. The executive committee has appointed a member, who is an expert in environmental project management and applicable regulation to projects near water. The mandate is to guide us in exploring sustainable, effective and conforming solutions, aiming to avoid this kind of situation of happening in the future.

Thank you for your collaboration.

Your executive committee

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