A big thank you for the méchoui!

A simple word today to give you my warmest thanks for the success of the méchoui day. Thank you for your participation and your cooperation.

I would agree, Mother Nature has played tricks on us, the terrace was wet, but you all put your shoulders to the wheel to get the expected success.

First, a huge thanks to Robert Legault. It is because of him that we had two amazing lambs to cook ! His enthusiasm was contagious and made him the perfect chef.

Thanks again to Lorraine for the time you took to do the groceries. Your help is precious.

Thanks to Gaétan Lebeau and Claude Thivierge for helping us cut and serve the meat. Without you, there would have been some chaos in the dining room!

Finally, thank you to all the little fairies who contributed to the méchoui’s related tasks, as well as washing the dishes and cleaning up. Thanks, thanks, thanks.

I am happy and touched by the success of this day, which seems to be growing to become an annual event. Thanks to you all.


Luc Allard
Social Activities Chairman

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