Information note from the Commodore

Dear members:

In January, the executive committee sent you an information letter covering three main points, namely the work to be done for the launch ramp, the resolution for the replacement of our Bull Moose crane and the Harbour Master position.

I would like to take a few minutes of your time to provide you with an update on these three points.

The executive committee mandated an engineering firm to prepare plans for the raising of the launch wall and the path used by the crane, and to submit a request for a permit for said work to the Ministère de l’Environnement. At the beginning of the year, we were quite hopeful that we would receive our permit in time so that we could proceed with the next steps required in order to do the work in the fall, after boat haul outs. It can easily be understood that over the past few months the government focused its energies and resources on priorities other than issuing permits from the Ministère de l’Environnement. At this point, it is clear that this work will not be carried out in 2020 and we can only hope that we won’t be faced with high water levels in the spring 2021 that would delay launches.

We have better news with respect to the Bull Moose replacement. Many of you witnessed the arrival of our new crane on the Club’s grounds. Indeed, pursuant to the resolution voted at the general meeting of December 2019, the executive committee made the acquisition of a Grove crane, model RT 745, with a 45-ton capacity. This crane will allow us to perform the launch and haul out of our entire fleet, eliminating the need to rent a large crane in the spring and fall for our larger boats. In mid-September, 6 members of our Club will be trained by the Service aux Entreprises du Centre de services scolaires des Trois-Lacs, in order to become crane operators for the Club. We should therefore be autonomous for the boat haul outs in October.

Regarding the third point, namely the Harbour Master position, Jean-Claude Morin had accepted to take on the position temporarily in January. Jean-Claude has now resumed his functions as House Chairman and for the time being it’s Yvon Tessier who will take over the Harbour Master role for the remainder of the season. It goes without saying that Yvon will only be able to carry out his new duties for the harbour with the assistance of our dock captains and all our members, and the assistance of racers for his duties as Rear Commodore.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Club.

Guy Legault
Commodore, Ile Perrot Yacht Club

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