Dear members:

As you’ve probably already heard, as of October 1st the Greater Montreal region will move to the red alert level. We would like to reassure you that boat haul outs will take place as expected.

However, due to this higher alert level, we need to put the following directives in place:

  1. The bar is closed for the remainder of the season.
  2. Access to the club is forbidden to visitors.
  3. Non-essential gatherings are forbidden, whether inside the clubhouse, on the terrace or on the grounds.
  4. A mask, properly worn to cover the mouth AND nose, is mandatory on the grounds when it is not possible to respect the two meters of distancing.

The work party days will be maintained since we must still prepare for haul outs, as well as for the closing of the harbour and the clubhouse. Therefore, we are counting on you to make sure social interactions are limited to the strict minimum during these days.

Thank you for your collaboration,

Your executive committee

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