IMPORTANT: Haul out preparation

Important points

  • Stepping down the mast is now mandatory for sailboats under 28 feet.
  • Finally, to help with harbour management and the billing process, we ask you to indicate your intentions for 2021, by clicking on the 2021 Intent Form link below.


Conduct of the days

For the boats haul out, there will be two teams of 14 people, one for the morning and one for the afternoon. In order to limit the number of members on the ground, please let us know before your haut out date for your sailboat the task you wish to fulfill. The boat owner or delegate must also be present for the haul out of their sailboat.


Tasks to be filled

  • Mooring team: two people responsible for receiving, docking the boat at the exit area and installing the dedicated ropes.
  • Slings team: two people responsible for installing slings on sailboats at the lifting area.
  • Crane operator: crane operator
  • Signaleur crane operator: person approved as crane operator, responsible for safety and directing the crane operator.
  • Signalman: person who transmits to the crane signaller the necessary positioning for the water outlet, alignment and installation on the cradles.
  • Stringing team: two people responsible for keeping the boat in line when lifting, transporting and installing on the cradle.
  • Cradle team: four people responsible for removing the slings from the cradles once installed.
  • Other tasks not related to the exit of the sailboats.

A table including each function will be posted on the club bulletin board including the positions and responsible members.


Your executive Committee

2021 Intent Form

ps. We did not have time to perform a complete review of this communication. We are sorry for any errors which you may find.

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