Survey for IPYC operational committees

Your club needs you!

Dear members,

As announced at our last general meeting, we are counting on your collaboration in order to start setting up operational committees for the next season. The success of these committees is essential to keeping our operations cost low. We are also convinced that all this collaboration will help to preserve the warm, lively and welcoming character of our club.

To organize these committees, we therefore ask you to complete this survey which will allow us to better identify everyone’s skills, interests and availability. It shouldn’t take more than five minutes of your time. We encourage all spouses who wish to get involved to complete their own survey.

The deadline to complete the survey is Monday March 15th.

We believe it is important to share with you the vision of the founders of the club, as well as the mission of our organization:

Our Vision
The Île Perrot Yacht Club is intended to be a self supporting organisation, operated by and for the members, with member participation in all activities including those work projects which the officers may decide, for financial or other reasons, are best done by the members. It is assumed that all members who join the Club will wish to abide by the spirit in which the Club was founded and in which it has operated in the past.

Our mission
The objectives of the Club are to provide members with adequate permanent facilities including harbour, storage and clubhouse for the purpose of conducting sailing, sailing races and boating among amateurs, at the lowest reasonable cost. Other recreational facilities may be provided, as and when found desirable by the membership.

In addition to ensuring the sustainability of the club’s mission, we believe that these committees will help foster the integration of new members and develop the commitment of all members to the various tasks that we must perform.

We look forward to enjoying this new sailing season with you!

Members of the Executive Committee
Ile Perrot Yacht Club

Survey for IPYC operational committees

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