June 2021 Newsletter

COVID Updates

Start of the sailing racing season

We have received confirmation from the Quebec Sailing Federation and public health that we could start the regattas.

  • Tuesday and Thursday evening races start (IPYC only): June 15
  • Start of Sunday races: June 20
  • Start of races on Tuesday and Thursday evening (with BDYC): June 29


At its last regular meeting, the executive committee adopted a resolution lifting the suspension of reciprocals with other clubs that had been in effect since the start of the pandemic. Several clubs with which we have a reciprocal agreement are in the process of doing the same. We are therefore heading towards a slightly more normal season!

Sanitary measures

Frequent hand washing and wearing a mask remain mandatory at all times inside the clubhouse, as well as when distancing is not possible outside.


Important: Purchase or change of boat

Members and port officials remind you that according to article 1.3a of the Port and Storage Bylaws:

Any change in the classification or size of the boat may result in the immediate suspension of the renewal of the location in the port.

Any member must therefore submit to the member and port manager any intention to purchase or change boats before completing the transaction, for evaluation and decision. Otherwise, the club reserves the right to refuse the boat both in the port and on the grounds.

Important: Purchase or change of boat

We kindly remind you that in all due respect for your dock neighbors and for the residents around the Club, all ropes and halyards must be properly secured to avoid noise.


Important: Purchase or change of boat

Kayak storage is still permitted in the dinghies area this season as long as:

  • The member informs the membership chairman (preferably by email) so that a register is kept up to date;
  • Kayaks are clearly identified with the owner’s member number;
  • Kayaks do not interfere with the storage and use of dinghies. The latter have priority.
  • The kayaks are securely attached and padlocked to prevent accidents or breakage.


Sale of the “Bull Moose”

Our venerable Bull Moose mobile crane is for sale. If you know of anyone who might be interested, please send them the information.

Link to the ad on the Kijiji website

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