COVID Updates: Proof of vaccination

Dear Members,

The season is coming to an end and we will soon be sending you information about the end of the season, boat haul-outs and the closing of the harbour. But for the time being we are not there yet and the purpose of this communication is quite different.

Indeed, for the second consecutive season we are facing this pandemic and the restrictions that come with it. For the moment, public health guidelines imposed by our provincial government are to wear a mask inside the clubhouse at all times, and outside on the grounds when a distance of one meter cannot be maintained between each person. On the other hand, I am not telling you anything new by saying that as of September 1st, the vaccination passport will be required in certain circumstances.

We must therefore comply with this new directive and the Club will have to require proof of vaccination from all persons who come to the bar as of September 1st. 

We are asking for the cooperation of all members to ensure that this policy is enforced as smoothly as possible. This brings me to the issue of guests. It is obvious that the bar will not be the place to express their disagreement with the respect of this directive. As always, members are responsible for the behavior of their guests and should act accordingly.

With the arrival of the fourth wave and the Delta variant, we do not know if there will be any new restrictions imposed on us by the end of the season. But rest assured that your committee will pass on any relevant information when we become aware of it.

Your Executive Committee

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