Reminder: Work party day for harbour and club closing

We ask all members to indicate their intentions for next season by November 14th using the 2022 Membership Intent Form.

Rudy Huber, membership director, will be present at the Club this Saturday and can help those who needs assistance to complete the form.

Robert Legault, treasurer, will also be present at the Club this Saturday to welcome those who wish to pay the balance of their account using Interac payment.


Dear Members:

Now that all the boats have been hauled out, it is time to proceed with the harbour and club closing.

Many tasks need to be carried out to that effect and we are counting on the presence of all members to get it done this Saturday October 31st, at 9:00 a.m.

Lorraine Brisson will prepare a soup for all the members. Don’t forget that sanitary measures must be respected at all times.

Mr. Jean-Claude Morin and Mr. Yvon Tessier, will be responsible for coordination and execution of work. Harbour captains will be responsible for coordination between members and for the execution of work in the harbour.

For your information, the harbour captains are:

  • Yvan Monette
  • Yuri Ondrechak
  • Gaétan Lebeau
  • Claude Langlois

The following tasks need to be done:


  1. Remove everything from the docks, including mooring lines.
  2. Mooring balls must be in winter position.
  3. Inspect dock chains and mooring ball chains, and replace them if necessary.
  4. Open water valves and disconnect water pipes from docks.
  5. Remove gangways and adjust docks, breakwater in winter position.
  6. Remove sheerleg dock.
  7. Winterize pump out station.
  8. Remove racing buoys and harbour buoys.
  9. Take the race committee boat out.


  1. Rake leaves.
  2. Clean the grounds everywhere and pick up branches.
  3. Clean and store BBQs.
  4. Close the water and empty the water pipes.
  5. Raise and re-attach water pipes and electric cables to the fences.
  6. Repair an electric outlet along the fence on the east side.
  7. Raise the dinghy rack and place it on concrete blocks..
  8. Fill holes and level the parking in front of the clubhouse with a rake.

Thank you for your usual cooperation,

Your Executive Committee

2022 Membership Intent Form

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