Canada Day

Hello dear club members,

Since we did not have an event to celebrate St Jean, we are organizing a Potluck / Karaoke for an inclusive Canada Day.

We would like to follow a theme that those originating from Quebec prepare a specialty of their region and that others prepare for us a specialty of their country of origin.

We invite each of the participating members to prepare either an appetizer, a main course or a dessert or other dishes for 4 people.

A registration sheet is at the bar. You can call the Club during bar hours and ask Amanda to put your name and menu on the list. Please check what will be the other dishes so we don’t all bring the same thing!

Note that you can participate to the Potluck but not the Karaoke and vice versa.

Only the registration to the Potluck is required, the Karaoke should start later around 8 pm.

This activity is free for all members. The deadline for registration is July 1st.

Looking forward to meeting you and singing together for a memorable evening!

The Social Activities Committee

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