Information note – Condition of the crane

Dear members,

Despite the problems caused by high water levels this spring, our boats are finally in the water and we can make the most of this beautiful sailing season.

We know that many of you are preoccupied by this second delay in the past three years for boat launches and rest assured that your executive committee has the same concerns. We are looking at what feasible options could be considered to protect our sailing season in spite of spring floodings which seem to be becoming the new standard. We will get back to you soon to give you more details on this issue.

But this information note is primarily about our crane or “bull moose” and we want members to be aware of the current situation regarding its use. An evaluation by a professional mechanic this spring revealed that repairs were necessary to make its use safer. Our harbour master is currently evaluating the extent of repairs required. Some can probably be done by the members responsible for maintenance of the crane while others might require the intervention of an outside mechanic.

Furthermore, the executive committee unanimously adopted a resolution during our last meeting. It stipulates that an inspection will be carried out as soon as possible before we continue using the crane as we have in the past. The objective of this inspection is to make sure the crane is completely safe and conforms with the standards regarding mobile cranes of the Commission des normes, de l’équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail (CNESST).

Until this inspection takes place, a restricted and limited use of the crane will be made for specific work only.

In closing, we will be organizing a special meeting by September to share with you all the information regarding the crane, as well as our actions aimed at reducing the impact that future floods could have on our operations and activities.

Wishing you all a great season.

Your Executive Committee

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