Changes to invoicing

Dear members,

As you know, we have recently migrated the Club’s accounting system from Acomba to Quickbooks. The rationale for this migration was to facilitate certain administrative tasks, such as the sending of invoices, and to allow for electronic payments.

Good news: Interac bank transfers will now be possible this year in addition to the usual payment by cheque!

We are taking this opportunity to inform you of the changes in the invoicing process. As outlined in our by-laws, members can pay their annual fees in three distinct payments by the following dates March 1st, June 1st and September 1st or they can pay their fees in one lump sum on March 1st. The invoices will be sent via email this year.

Important dates:

  • January 26: Each member will receive a summary of his or her annual fees (Estimate) via email. This document is not an invoice. It is meant to provide you with a complete picture of the annual fees. It reflects the intentions you provided to the Club at haul out. Please review the estimate carefully.
  • January 29: Deadline for requesting changes to your annual fees. Comments should be sent to
  • February 1st: Each member will receive three invoices via email with the terms.
    • March 1st : Deadline for the first payment (50%)
    • June 1st : Deadline for the second payment (25%)
    • September 1st : Deadline for the third payment (25%)

Important points:

  • We ask that members who wish to pay their fees by cheque do so by sending three postdated cheques before March 1st to the IPYC mailing address.
  • We suggest that members who choose Interac e-Transfer set up the three payments in advance with their financial institution.
  • All necessary details for the Interac bank transfer will be outlined in each of the invoices you will receive.
  • Please click on the button below to fill out your proof of liability insurance form.
  • Newer members who have not paid all four installments of the initiation fee will receive an additional invoice of 200$ payable by March 1st.
  • Members who do not have an email address will receive the estimate and their invoices in the mail.

The executive committee is aware that certain members could experience temporary difficulties in meeting their financial obligations towards the Club.

In such a case, it is the member’s responsibility to advise the Club before each due date. As in the past, the executive committee will listen and show understanding in order to reach an acceptable agreement. Failure to advise the Club before a due date will expose the member to the disciplinary measures outlined in the by-laws.

In closing, we would like to thank Richard Corbeil and Jean-François Arseneault for their assistance during this migration project. The success of our club rests upon each of our members!

Your executive committee

Proof of liability insurance Form

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