Crane replacement

Dear members:

We are delighted to share with you that after several months of  research, we finally found the crane that will be replacing our venerable Bull Moose dating back to 1962.

The crane we chose is a 1992 Grove RT 745 with a 45-ton capacity. It is in very good condition, and will be certified in accordance with applicable standards for such equipment. Its capacity will allow us to launch all of our club’s boats, which means we will no longer need to rent a crane for this task, with the associated costs. The savings generated will allow us to perform preventive and rigorous maintenance of our new crane.

The purchase of this crane respects the amount of $60,000 authorized by the members during the general meeting of December 3, 2019. Its purchase cost is $43,000, plus fees for evaluation, transport, certification and routine maintenance. The total amount for the crane replacement will be approximately $52,000 without factoring in the amount we might recover when we sell the Bull Moose.

The crane will arrive at the club in the next few days. After routine maintenance, we will soon be able to start using it. That said, we plan on offering to get a few members trained to operate the crane. This type of customized training will be adapted to the needs of our organization and is offered by the CS des Trois-Lacs de Vaudreuil Dorion. This measure will ensure the appropriate and safe operation of this new equipment.

We ask all members who would like to submit their name to take this training and be authorized to operate the crane, to send us an email at

We hope this good news will make you as happy as we are!

Your executive committee

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